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Club work
Club organizes monthly meetings of rat fanciers, where everybody can come with their pets. Encounters are passed in the warm domestic atmosphere of friendly communication with the tea drinking.
Archives of meetings

The exhibitions of decorative rats are held with the participation of the club. All rats are invited within their origin, and all desiring as the participants or the spectators too.
Results of the VIII Pets show "Zverek na ladoshke"
Results of the XV exhibition of decorative rats "Rozovie pjatki"
Results of the VII exhibition "Zverek na ladoshke"
Results of the X anniversary exhibition "Osennjaja Moscva"
How to prepare a rat to the exhibition

Unfortunately, peace is incomplete, and people are severely, but not all. Therefore sometimes rat with the difficult fate fall to us.They are not only shared unfairly by human love and concern, but also frequently are required the treatment, which sometimes is very expensive.
The idea of the creation of fund for the aid to such rats has appeared not recently. At first, fund was substantially club, as if closed, but we saw, that many people want to help rats, and not only the members of club, and even from others cities; therefore this theme is here. We saw, that many want to help rats, but they do not know how, so we decided to unit efforts, because we can do more alltogether.
The holders of fund - people,who gather, store and manage the fund resources. You can ask them questions and hand them money.

This list is the forced measure of fight with the breeders, who manifest careless attitude to keeping and breeding of decorative rats, and also dishonorableness with respect to other breeders and owners of animals.
To avoid lacks of understanding, we focus your attention on the fact that:
we will not argue - possibly, these people have s lot of the salient qualities, but we now speak not about this - these people are incompetent breeders, and we do not recommend to take kittens and give your animals to these people.
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